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Melissa Smith : owner and artisan

I grew up on a farm. Left the farm. Came back to the farm.

I had a full time job working for someone else and I always had that gut feeling that I needed to be doing something creative...something more fulfilling....something that I could create, cultivate, and nurture into existence. In 2002 the simple idea of creating the first candle in the kitchen of our c.1820 home was conceived and like planting a seed as my father, grandfather & great grandfather..... it grew.

In 2009 that dream became a reality with the organic growth of the small "side" business and the realization that it could be a rewarding business with income potential. So, we opened our Brick & Mortar Studio / Shop just minutes from our farm in the small quaint village of East Palestine, Ohio.

That small idea blossomed enough to quit my day job and become a full time candle making artisan. Attention is devoted to every last detail from quality of materials, the pouring , the clients / customers and pursuit to be happy while doing it.

Hard work. Failures and Successes. Having my own company. It is all part of the master plan...and I'm loving it.

Welcome to 1820 House Candle Co.


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Welcome to 1820 House

...where every candle is hand poured one at a time with care. And it's all in the details. We are especially particular about the packaging, the asthetics of how a candle looks in its setting, and it must leave as small of a footprint on the environment as possible. We would like our customers to feel they are getting a luxury item at a reasonable cost, as well as supporting small business, local commerce, green living and our farming communities.

Pure Vegetable Wax Aroma { therapy } For the Soul

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