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Ritual Chocolate


Craft Chocolate available in assorted bean to bar flavors + price points. 

Bourbon Barrel Aged 75%  (tasting notes of honey nougat, oak + whiskey) 16.00 ea

Fleur De Sel 70% (tasting notes strawberry, fudge + sea salt) 9.00 ea

S'mores 70%  (graham cracker & caramelized sugar) - 10.00 ea


The Ritual Chocolate Story. 

"We started Ritual in 2010 in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, eventually settling in the mountain town of Park City Utah, and traveling the world in search of the best cacao. We fell in love with chocolate—not just the eating part, but the history of and the beautiful stories of small chocolatiers around Europe that would live above their chocolate shops and devote their lives to creating and perfecting their craft. There is something about chocolate that grips people and inspires them. We desperately wanted to be a part of this world and share what we discovered."