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Rust Belt Collective 17.5 oz large amber jar


The Rust Belt is a region in the United States stretching from New York through the Midwest that once thrived on the steel industry. It became an industrial hub due to its proximity to the Great Lakes, canals and rivers, which allowed companies to gain access to raw materials and ship out finished products. This region is called the Rust Belt because the decline in industrial work has left many factories abandoned and uncared for, rusting due to their exposure to the elements. 

Welcome to the revival.

NON-GMO 100% pure vegetable & plant based wax, Infused with essential oils & natural aroma blends, 40% recycled content glass sustainable & recycled packaging to leave less of a carbon footprint on the earth. HAND POURED IN OHIO.

17.5 oz  letterpress labeling / black metal cap with brass embossed edge
aromatherapy candle - burn time 85 hours (burn times vary based on scent and other variables)